Dancesation Executive Board (DEB)



Chairman - WDC Dancesation Executive Board

Vice-President WDC Ltd.

Mr. Svein Rotvold




Senior Vice-Chairman

Mr. Walter Wat







Mr. Denis Jacquot






Mr. Alain Milette







Niki Seifert (Austria)






Menno Hogeveen




Bernd Hörmann



Co-opted advisors to the DEB:

Mr. Zhang Xiang Guo (Peoples Republic of China)

Co-opted Advisor China
• United Nation Information Development Organization
Culture and Art Ministry in China, Director General
• World Dance Council Amateur League-Asia Vice Chairman
• World Dance Council National Dance Council (China)
• Yuan Dong Dance Teachers' Association President

Mr. Alexey Belyaev (Russia)

Co-opted Advisor Eastern Europe
• Professor Medical Academy of physical culture and sports
Of St.Petersburg
• President Saint-Petersburg Dance Company
“Vivat International”
• Life fellow UKA
• International WDC Adjudicator

Mr. Stefano Francia (Italy)

Co-opted Advisor Competitions
• The founder of ballet and modern dance
• Teacher and choreographer in Ballroom, Latin and Caribbean
section of dances
• President of the "National Association of Dance Teachers" ( ANMB)
• President of NDC Italy WDC
• Member of the of dance devision in CID-UNESCO.


The DEB will organize its work through the following Departments, some will in addition
also be advisors to the board:

Chairman – Svein Rotvold
Administration Department – Denis Jacquot
Examination Department Secretary – M orten Andresen
Medallist Department – Alain Millete
Members Registration Department - Niki Seifert
Projects & Marketing Department - Berko Meyer
Advisor Asia & Pacific Area – Walter Wat
Advisor America – Alain Millette
Advisor West Europe – Cornelia Willius-Senzer
Honorary Advisor - Hoi Ping Wong Li
Honorary Advisor - Ping Zhang



The above members of the Dance Teachers' Executive Board were elected at the 2011 Annual
Meeting of the Dance Teachers' Committee, held in Blackpool, England .