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the WDC Ltd World Dance Teachers Committee

The WDC Ltd World Dance Teachers Committee
The business of the World Dance Teachers Committe is controlled by the structure and guidelines of the WDC Ltd, which the WDC Members improve and update at the annual meetings of the World Dance Teachers Committee. Under the Articles, Regulations and Guidelines, of the WDC Ltd, every Member is encouraged to adopt the structure of the Council and form a Dance Teacher section within their organisation. The World Dance Teachers Committee Register is a listing of the Dance Teachers organisations and/or Dance Teachers contacts in each of the Members of the Council.
As a standing committee of the WDC Ltd the World Dance Teachers Committee deals with, and recommends to, the General Council business improvements for everything regarding professional Dance School and Dance Teachers matters all over the world.

Dance Teachers Executive Board
The general buisness of the Dance Teachers section is looked after by the Dance Teachers Executive Board, (DTEB), which is elected every three years by the Members at the annual committee meeting. It consists of officers with specific jobs and items, each of these tasks are illustrated in the following pages with a direct E-Mail link.

Goals for the DTEB
Our main goal is "To increase the income of the council."
This will mainly be achieved by pointing out five main key areas:

  • Registrations

o    Dance Teachers and Dance Schools worldwide

  • Communication

o    Issuing News letters
o    Create an "Activity calendar" on the WDC web site
o    Input to the published E-news
o    Communication through the WDC Facebook page

  • Education

o    Development of the existing examination system
o    Promote and organize World Dance Teachers Congresses worldwide

  • Recognition

o    Improve the situation for our members Professional Dance Teachers and Dance Schools world wide, and work in their best interests.

  • DTEB/WDTC products

o    National / Regional / World Dance Trophies and tournaments in different dance styles for true medallist dancers.
o    Dance Tours and holidays
o    World Dance Programme (WDP), promotion of the new revised version.
o    Promotion of the WDC and UNESCO World Dance Day 29th April

The DTEB organizes the work through the following Departments

  • Administration Department
  • Examination Department
  • Medallist Department
  • Members Registration Department
  • Members Recognition Department
  • Projects & Marketing Department

In addition Mr. Nils-Hakan Carlzon  is co-opted by the Board of Directors to the DTEB with a special remit to be in charge of the formation and running of an Artistic Dance Department (ADD). This is a great benefit for us and can really develop into a great offer to our members. It will include solo dancing, syncro dancing, but even more!

Euro Dance Centers can be found in almost all the European countries belonging to the European Union. With the addition of new countries and more to follow this will cover virtually all of the European Members of the WDC
Ltd. Some countries outside the EU are also using this concept. Each of these Dance Schools displays the WDC Ltd Euro or World Dance Center Logo. These logos define to
the General Public that the School is affiliated to the WDC Ltd.
Dance Centers.

Dance Schools and Teachers
The actual number of Dance Schools worldwide, providing instruction on dance on a weekly basis is unknown. The different styles of Dance taught in these Dance Schools varies from region to region and continent to continent. The
WDC Ltd Dance Teachers Executive Board is attempting to create the world's most comprehensive Directory of Dance Schools and Dance Teachers. Therefore we ask our members to register Dance Teachers and Dance Schools with us to show the world that we are a big and truly the main Professional World Dance Council.

Morten Andresen
Chairman (WDC Ltd World Dance Teachers Committee.)